Buying Eternity

Question: How much money I have to spend to live forever? Answer: I would give literally everything. And in fact this is what wise empirical scientists – who studied and attained reality in its completeness, with its intelligent evolutionary plan, mapping all of its intricate cause and effect processes – tell us: we can achieve … More Buying Eternity

Constant Prayer

Self-Judgement Most people would consider “prayer” a religious notion. But in truth “prayer” is a state when a person judges oneself, evaluating one’s own state. Human beings are dynamically changing, developing “creatures”. As a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, an insatiable, constantly growing desire for self-fulfilment drives us forward. We are always looking … More Constant Prayer

Dynamic Embryo

Before A Qualitative Breakthrough Today Humanity has reached an unprecedented crossroad. We have gone through the childhood, and adolescent stages of our development. The time has come to grow up and become truly “Human”. But this last stage of our development cannot unfold as naturally, instinctively as the previous stages. Our higher, truly “Human” stage … More Dynamic Embryo

Sweet Pain

Inner Find Our purpose in life is finding and attaining the source of our lives. This “finding” doesn’t mean some kind of a physical search, traveling to unique places in order to find an object or a living being. The finding, attaining happens inside the person according to the law of equivalence of form. Only … More Sweet Pain

The Need For Egypt

An Angelic Spark Although we don’t know it yet, we are not mere “human beings”, but we are like “fallen angels” trapped in this physical, humanoid matter. There is a small spark, a desire, a DNA fragment in us that belongs to a completely different dimension, to a completely different form of perception, existence. In … More The Need For Egypt

Stuck In The Wall

Introverted Chaos We are born with a completely self-serving and self-justifying nature. Our basic operating software works on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. In order to make this software the most effective our perception of reality – collecting data, information, sensory input from reality – is totally introverted and subjective. All our interaction with the world … More Stuck In The Wall

The Right Prayer

Constantly Praying We all think that “prayer” is a religious notion. But in truth we are all praying all the time. A true prayer is an involuntary, irrepressible yearning from within the “depth of our hearts”. Our “heart”, the engine driving us, is an insatiable desire for self-fulfilment, self-improvement. Without this elemental desire constantly pulsing … More The Right Prayer