Buying Eternity

Question: How much money I have to spend to live forever?

Answer: I would give literally everything. And in fact this is what wise empirical scientists – who studied and attained reality in its completeness, with its intelligent evolutionary plan, mapping all of its intricate cause and effect processes – tell us: we can achieve an infinite and eternal existence if we are willing to give up “ourselves” 100%.

Of we are ready to rise above all of our inherently selfish, egoistic calculations, and accept an invisible, selfless, transparent, unconditionally serving cogwheel role, then we gain a new, objective point of view through the thoughts, desires and life of others.

That new altruistic point of view provides the unique consciousness and perception of reality that opens the infinite, eternal life outside of the boundaries of time, space, motion, even beyond physical life or death.

And this is practically available for all of us, here and now, within this “life”, through the right environment studying an authentic, practical, educational method.

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