About Life And Death…

Question: Why would someone say that death is more universal than life?

Answer: I can only guess that the statement assumes that death, the cessation of life happens to everybody, everything, while life itself is individual, unique to all living creatures.

I think that the statement is based on a very superficial interpretation of what life or death means, simply considering the seemingly physical existence we perceive by default.

But in terms of “true life” we are not even born yet, we are dreaming for ourselves a very limited, introverted, subjective “vegetation”, we could even say that right now we are all “dead” as we can’t feel Nature’s infinite and eternal “circle of life” flowing through us.

We could even say that in this “sense of death”, in this artificial “Matrix” we feel ourselves in right now, we are all very unique, imagining different subjective versions of this illusion for ourselves.

And when we finally wake up and start sensing life, it will be universal for all of us, as we will all sense the same flow, from the same source, according to the same evolutionary plan.

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