The Mindless Pump

Harmful Intelligence

We usually consider ourselves mindful, intelligent creatures. If we were asked which body part, organ we would associate ourselves with, most people would probably choose the brain.

This is understandable as we are born with a unique analytic mind. We are very proud our our logical, reasoning capabilities. Quiz shows, debates are most popular, and even within our families we fight fiercely with one another through complex board, card games. Seemingly presidential elections are decided through highly publicized debates, and our education is based on difficult logical challenges besides cramming as much as possible knowledge inside our memory.

On the other hand today it seems that with all our proud brainpower, clever inventions and creations we are steering ourselves towards self-destruction.

It is not enough we still haven’t figured out nature’s awesome forces and we are hopelessly peeking inside a quantum reality we have no chance of entering. Even the human ideologies, structures and institutions we ourselves built are slipping through our fingers and threatening our own existence.

The problem is that with our individualistic mind, intelligence we can’t match the collective intelligence, wisdom of the natural reality around us. We are actually opposite, contradictory to that system we are still integral part of.

Due to our instinctively self-centered nature and completely subjective perception all our knowledge and wisdom only serves ourselves. And now, when we finally evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world as evolution necessitates, such subjective, self-serving knowledge, intelligence is not only unhelpful, but it is outright harmful.


Throwing Away Reason

In order to prevent even deeper crisis, in order to facilitate humanity’s crucial integration within the vast, cosmic natural system, safeguarding our survival we need to change. We would need to “throw away” our inherently self-centered and subjective mind and receive a new, mutual, collective one that is “tuned to nature’s broadcast” through similarity.

Adaptation, integration can only happen through similarity of qualities. We would need to rearrange humanity, the mutual interconnections in between people in a way, that we create such a mutual network that resembles a perfectly tuned radio receiver that becomes capable of “listening to” nature’s frequency.

This frequency is constantly surrounding us but at present our selfish, egoistic noise disturbs, completely filters out this natural broadcast.

On the other hand it is not that simple to “throw away” the mind, operating software we were born with. We need a special method, and a purposefully built environment for that purpose.


Refining The Emotional Map

In truth even considering our inherent modus operandi, our mind, reason is only secondary. We are primarily sentient, emotional creatures. Our intelligent mind, “personal computer” is there to analyze, interpret, sort and catalogue the data input that streams through our sensory organs, and which data flow initiates all kinds of emotional impressions, responses in us.

As a result of our inherently self-serving operating software this emotional response and its decoding is tuned completely for subjective, self-serving use. Thus our emotional “mapping” of reality is “sweet vs bitter” in relation to our own selfish, egoistic viewpoint.

Thus in that special environment, with its purposeful method we would need to refine, tune our emotional mapping, emotional responses in a way that they reflect “true vs false” in relation to the system outside of the self providing us with a true, objective, undisturbed view of reality.


“Through Your Actions Do We Know You”

Such tuning, refining can happen through simple, mutual actions. After all even artificial, coercive actions can leave emotional impressions in people. Professional actors by playing a character with full devotion, putting “their heart and soul” into it, go through such an emotional roller-coaster that for a while they actually become the character they are playing.

Moreover “habit becomes second nature”, meaning if someone play-acts certain qualities, states consistently, one can accustom oneself to those qualities which then become like second nature to that person above one’s inherent qualities.

Thus in that unique, closed environment, by constantly play-acting selfless, altruistic care and love towards one another, in order to reach a state of mutual guarantee that is the fundamental operating condition in nature’s system, people can reach a growing tension in between their inherently self-serving, subjective mind and the actually, repeatedly performed actions of mutually selfless bestowal.


Pumping Blood Into A Dead Body

They become like actors who might arrive to the stage with all kinds of personal problems related to health or family, but when they go on stage and start playing they “get into character” and perform their role while they try to filter out their nagging personal problems.

It is the same in the unique, closed environment too. Their selfish, subjective perception will try to reject, smear, lower all the other members of the circle, trying to prevent the mutual connections leading to mutual guarantee by painting such negative picture. But despite and above such feelings, doubts, questions, based on their preliminary commitment, based on the covenant they made with each other they keep on playing.

Instead of the calculating, proud “brain” they become more like an unconditionally loving “heart” for each other. They continue pumping inspiration, uplifting support, confidence into their circle regardless of their own states, like a mother towards her child.

They continue pumping, supporting even if their “common body” feels lifeless, dead. If they manage to keep on “pumping” even beyond such a dead, completely helpless and seemingly pointless state that can actually resuscitate, revive their mutual body.

But after such revival that body is not the same as it was before any longer.


New Circulation, New Mind

Through such a “supernatural” effort, completely going beyond logic, resuscitating their mutually lifeless body beyond any reasonable expectations, simply based on their mutual covenant and commitment, a new life force starts first flickering, then circulating through their mutually selfless, altruistic interconnections.

By their “beyond reason” unconditionally serving mutual efforts they reached similarity with nature’s system, where such selfless, altruistic “behavior” is the normal, instinctive state. As a result their life force, the “blood” they keep on pumping now is not their “old egoistic one”. They received a new “blood transfusion” which is coming from the vast, cosmic, natural system.

And as they connect to the system through this new, mutual circulation they also gradually receive a new, collective intelligence, a “cosmic, quantum mind”. The inherently selfish and subjective perception, emotional mapping of reality has been replaced by the selfless, altruistic and thus objective one.

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