The Jedi That Reconnected To The Matrix

Crushing Responsibility

Taking responsibility for others is not easy. Even when we become parents it takes a long time, especially for new fathers, to start feeling a direct responsibility for their children. For the mothers the bond built during pregnancy makes that sense of responsibility easier to reach. Still it is a question whether we can ever arrive to the true sensation that we hold someone’s life in our hands, that we are the ones deciding in between life or death for another person.

Many people don’t even take responsibility for themselves. They prefer others to tell them what to do, what to buy, how to look, how to live their lives. They don’t want the hard work of thinking about the next step they need to take, the worry which comes with such considerations. They like life simple, predictable from one day to the next.

Thus humanity is rendered along a pyramid structure with those who are ready to take responsibility, ready to accept sacrifices positioned on top, leading others. These leaders are usually the most selfish, egoistic and self-confident people since without those qualities nobody would be able to tolerate, take on such personal responsibilities.

But even those on the very top, ones who are considered “world leaders”, seemingly with sole responsibility for humanity’s fortunes, would be crushed to learn about and sense our true responsibility as human beings.


Born With Selfish Driving Force

One thing is for certain. Whether we are on top of the pyramid or in the more regular, bottom part of it, we can only act for our own, proud, unique selves.

Those who decide to remain “regular”, accepting to be led by others, calculate that it is safer, more comfortable to stay that way for their own selves. They don’t care about what is happening outside of their very close circle, and just carry on with their simple lives as long as their basic necessities are fulfilled. Even if the neighbour’s house is on fire, that is not their concern.

While the ones who take risks, take on extra responsibilities do it proudly for material rewards, personal legacies, fame, dominion over others. But without selfish rewards, reassurances, without a good, comfortable, fulfilling feel for our own selfish ego we can’t act.

Besides even these “world leaders” no there is an ebbs fate for their responsible positions, and after they finished their mandate they can look forward to retirement, lucrative speaking arrangements, book deals, count the money pouring in or simply  golf, enjoying their “well earned” rest.

This general attitude drives from our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, running on an egocentric pleasure/pain principle. We are simply unable to make calculations for anybody else but ourselves. Today people are giving up even on establishing or sustaining families, this is how far we are sinking into our own selves. We only “take responsibility or love” other as long as it benefits us.


Absolute Personal Responsibility

Thus we could imagine how people, even the “leaders of the world” would feel when being told, that they are actually responsible for the whole, vast, cosmic system, being responsible even for the source that created it all.

It is not enough we are the axis, the last, most important cogwheel that determines the optimal function, life or death state of the whole of reality, but this is an eternal responsibility, “24/7”, without an end to this mandate.

We don’t have any chance of running away, or disconnecting, not even “perishing” from this rule, nobody asks us if we agree to it or not. The cosmic machinery spins around us, and at each and every moment we determine its fate. And we shouldn’t expect any rewards, respect or even a reassuring wink in someone’s eye for this service as we don’t get any.

Fortunately at our present state we can’t even comprehend such a picture, we can sort of fantasise and shudder about it, get a little taste based on “this worldly” experiences, from family and work.

In the film Matrix the shocking revelation, the moment the protagonist, Neo realised he was a tiny battery in the whole system up to that point, or the notion that he was “The One” responsible for the fate of everybody else, can give us another illustration. In that film we also could follow how Neo had to go through a long, gradual maturation, education process before he could actually digest and act on such shocking, “supernatural” notions.

Our own true reality is that we are indeed part of a fully integrated, cosmic “Matrix”. We truly exist in a completely interconnected and interdependent world. With each and every action, with each and every thought that goes through us we immediately and directly influence the whole system, deciding if in the next moment it is lurching towards a positive or negative direction.

We are like drivers of a speeding bus on a motorway beating a broken bridge, with the whole world sitting behind us on that bus, and while we are driving at the moment we are drugged unconscious and our eyes are covered. At this stage an autopilot takes care of the safety of the system, driving the bus instead of the incapacitated driver, but very soon we have to take over the wheel as our preparation, training period is almost over.


The Two Different Educational Options

So why don’t we feel this, why do we think we are separated, unique individuals who seemingly have free choice, freedom of action, and we can withdraw ourselves, go on holidays without any care in the world without consequences?

This concealment is part of our education process, it serves our own interest, protecting us for the time being. Until we are ready, until we acquired all the necessary qualities, capabilities, tools to cope, the full extent, the full weight of our absolute responsibility needs to remain hidden as otherwise it would simply crush, burn us on the spot.

Thus we have to gradually practice this responsibility, learn the system and its laws, we have learn our own precise role in it. We have to progress until we don’t only accept that crucial cogwheel, “battery” role, clothing into being “The One”, but we actually do it willingly, bursting with joy, embracing such opportunity as the greatest ever present, pleasure of our lives.

We are given two options for such an education process we can choose from.

One is following the natural, instinctive path of evolution. On this natural path we develop through “evolutionary jumps”, always reaching an actual, crisis ridden, intolerable state forcing us to move, to change through suffering. Human history with its endlessly recurring vicious cycles is a the best, most graphic example for this natural, instinctive path.

Today we are in the last phase of this instinctive evolution, where we can already see that we exist in a global, integral system, with absolute mutual guarantee towards one another, but we are still resisting. We still think we can undo “globalisation”, separate and run back into our own illusory corners, while the global, integral world is sinking ever deeper into crisis.

This is a long and very unpleasant “choice”, going through recurring blows, crisis situations, meltdowns, until most of humanity, at least the ones who eventually survive, inevitably understand their absolute mutual responsibility towards one another and the whole system. The end of this process is people grudgingly agreeing to keep such responsibility out of fear of pain.

The other option is a much faster, proactive and all together pleasant path, reaching the ideal scenario of people freely, happily choosing their simple but invaluable and irreplaceable cogwheel, battery role. In this case people would happily agree to the endless and total service towards the whole system, with all of its “crushing” personal responsibility, considering it the greatest, most attractive pleasure of their lives.


The Human Laboratory

This hastened, pleasant education process unfolds in a unique, closed “human laboratory”. In such a special environment, mutually and fully committed people would study the system of reality, the plan of evolution, their own role in the system and how they could reach full integration in it.

Besides studying the system they also practice, act out, how such an absolute mutual responsibility would look, feel and taste like. Since they do this practice in a safe, mutually supportive environment they can freely test such otherwise “mind-blowing”, supernatural notions and sensations, getting used to the weight of their role.

In such a safe laboratory they can also reveal and learn how to control their protesting and constantly obstructing inherently self-serving and self-justifying nature, understanding how this inherent inclination is against their final role. They learn why they had to be born with such an opposite and seemingly self-destructive way and how this opposition, contrast actually helps them in reaching their fully conscious and crucial role within the system, providing them with contrast, full awareness.


All Or Nothing

Most importantly through the study and the practical method they can start revealing and connecting to the single creating, and operating natural force of reality. This is the force that put the “Big Bang” and nature’s evolutionary plan into motion, creates and nurtures life, sustains homeostasis and planned humanity’s special role and development within the system.

This force is all around us, our very own existence depends on it, our sense of life, circulation comes from it. But as long as we feel ourselves existing as standalone creatures, seemingly with our own force, with own thoughts, desires and actions, as long as we are locked into a completely egocentric, subjective perception of reality, we are incapable of sensing this force.

It is an all or nothing scenario, either we feel ourselves as the primary actors in our lives in this reality that serves as a background for our individual protagonist hero, or we feel this force encompassing, permeating, fulfilling everything ourselves disappearing from the picture.

Thus in order to start sensing the single governing, creating force of reality “we need to disappear”. More precisely we need to shift from our inherently proud, constantly active, governing state to become a passive, transparent conductor, channel through which this force can flow and act.

Which is of course not easy since we are born with that proud, unique sense of individuality and a nature that is solely self-serving and self-justifying.  This is all the matter we have, although we also have a tiny spark, our conscious observer point, inherently embedded in this matter, which point in theory could separate and rise above the egoistic matter. This unique conscious observer, when separated, purified, becoming selfless, could reveal the creating source.


Self Annulment Above Reason

So first of all why would we want to give up this sense of proud, unique individuality? Besides even if we wanted to do so, how could we give up the only thing we have, our sense of the self, our self-esteem in order to become zeros, simple, conscious observing points? Why would we want to exist simply in order to observe our own complete insignificance and the omnipotence of the force that completely determines our whole existence, all our thoughts, actions?

We could only do that if reaching the state of the selfless, conscious observer point, revealing the creating force of reality became the most important thing, purpose in our lives. We need to reach this yearning, wanting to become like the “Jedi”, sensing, controlling and balancing the life giving force of reality through their self-annulment.

We have to make sensing, assisting this all encompassing life giving force more important than anything else we encounter in our lives.

Attainment, revelation can only happen through reaching similarity with the revealed. Like in the case of the radio receiver we would need to tune ourselves to the “frequency”, the quality of that omnipotent, creating force. And the most important quality of that force is that it is completely formless, selfless, simply creating, providing and nurturing life and development.

This force is like an essence, invisible, untouchable we only know it exists by seeing its effect on the world around us, how life is born and blooms. We only see the “artwork” in the perfection of the cosmic system around us, without the “artist” being present, or needing rewards, acknowledgements.

This in order to become like it and reveal it, we would need to become exactly like it, invisible, selfless, unconditionally serving, nurturing towards everything that is outside of us. If we could sense the life flow, the whole magnificence of the system from within in advance we would attach to it selfishly, like flies to honey. Thus we have to commit and become selfless, serving cogwheels while we have no sensation, attainment of this all encompassing force.


The Jedi Feeling The Force

This “above reason”, supernatural self-annulment is only possible through that unique human laboratory, where those committed people, “Jedi disciples” can practice, learn and finally reach such a selfless, transparent cogwheel role in between them through a state of mutual guarantee.

Then using the same template, keeping that self-annulment achieved among them they can turn to the rest of reality. They have to liberate those conscious observer points, making them selfless and altruistic despite the protest, obstructions and the selfish pain originating from their inherently selfish, egoistic matter.

But the cogwheel role only hurts our self-esteem, our inherently self-justifying nature. For our conscious observer, becoming a selfless, transparent conductor, allowing the life giving force, circulation, communication flowing through it towards the rest of the system is the greatest possible notion and pleasure in life.

And those people in the unique human laboratory can make this pleasure almost real, almost tangible for themselves even before they actually attain it. They have to generate such an intensity, overwhelming force of this “almost” tangible state, they have to create such an artificial atmosphere of sensing nature’s life giving force flowing through their mutually selfless, altruistic, cogwheel like connections, that it can overcome their inherent nature.

And when they reach a completely self-annulled, transparent, empty state, wanting absolutely nothing for themselves but the ability to serve unconditionally, then they will start to feel that “otherworldly” circulation, communication with the system for real.

The real pleasure at the end is not connected to either the original selfish matter, nor the actual observer. The real pleasure is felt from the system, like from a life giving spring that was blocked off for thousands of years but now its stream can flow undisturbed as the blocking, selfish stone was removed.

It is like the great, overwhelming pleasure from a desperate mother, that wanted to feed her sick gradually weakening baby and now finally the baby opens her mouth starting to eat and slowly heal as a result. Those selfless cogwheels sense how the life force streaming through them revives, heals the whole system, how the cosmic system blooms, grows, breathes and exist as a result. There exists no greater pleasure than this.

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