Redirecting The Egotistic Evolution

Question: How can human life change in human life after 500 years?

Answer: The question is just, as only Humanity has been developing so dramatically, exponentially through evolution.

Plants, animals almost did not change at all. In the Animal Kingdom for example there are species that remained unchanged for millions of years – and it’s even more so on the vegetative level – only changing, adapting now – or becoming extinct – due to the Human interference.

The engine driving the unparalleled Human development is the unique Human ego. Human evolution equals the evolution, incessant, exponential growth of the self-serving, self-justifying, subjective Human ego.

And while so far this ego seemingly positively propelled our development, in the globally integrated and interdependent world we evolved into – as necessitated by Nature’s developmental plan – our ego has become like cancer.

Our families, nations, societies break apart, there are nations where people can’t suffer Human contact anymore thus they do not have children and will disappear as an entity in a few generations.

And of course none of our political, economic constructs work, we can’t build anything sustainable since the basic foundation – mutually responsible, mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human connections, cooperation – has become impossible.

Thus for the first time in history we not only do not look forward to the future, we actually fear it. There is a great question mark if there is going to Humanity in 500 years from now.

We are standing at very fragile crossroads.

We can learn – we have the ability and the necessary, practical, purposeful educational method – how to harness, channel our raging egos towards positive, constructive, mutual goals, purposes, but first of all we need to methodically grow, generate a collective desire, need for the unprecedented, fundamental self-change.

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