Learning The Truth About Ourselves

Question: What’s something you learned today that most people don’t know? Answer: Fortunately more and more people learn day by day that the only root cause for all the myriads of problems in the world, the only thing that needs correction is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature. This nature drives us … More Learning The Truth About Ourselves

Avoiding Midlife Crisis

Question: Have you ever experienced a midlife crisis? Did you ever get out of it? Answer: I am 53 this year and I have experienced “midlife crisis” but fortunately only in a “shadowy” way, as if watching someone else going through it, sensing, feeling, observing the despair, helplessness, exploding new desires, panic to grab everything … More Avoiding Midlife Crisis

“There Is No Righteous In The Land Who Hasn’t Sinned…”

Question: Would life be more boring without crime? Answer: Yes, since our whole life experience, perception, recognition unfolds through contrast, comparative research. Thus without crime we would not know what justice, honesty is, without hate we would never know what love is. This is why we Humans are all born as “criminals” – driven by … More “There Is No Righteous In The Land Who Hasn’t Sinned…”