Conscious, Purposeful Survival

Question: What drives living organisms or even nonliving things like viruses to want to stay alive and reproduce?

Answer: It is Nature’s inner program in all – inanimate, vegetative, animate and Human – levels of the system, driving all towards survival and the justification of one’s existence.

The moment “something” senses it exists, immediately an elemental instinct awakens in that “something” to protect, preserve and propagate this survival through successive generations.

(We should not be confused by our seemingly opposite tendency towards not wanting children, or doing obviously self-destructing activities, as Human beings in their default form are distorted and not compatible with the natural system)

In the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels this is a blind, instinctive process. Only Human beings received an “upgrade” to the original software which also awakens a desire to understand that meaning, purpose of existence, and also to understand the plan the explains why they have to go the whole process and what is the “thought” behind the process.

Thus only Humans are capable of building a mutual relationship to the Natural system, probing, researching it in order to find the reason for their existence. Then we will also understand that this is possible only by actually becoming similar to the system, taking on its altruistic, unconditionally serving, “life-giving” qualities – instead of our incompatible, egoistic, selfish and subjective ones – so as a result like “implanted agents” we could research and fully attain the system and its evolutionary plan from within.

This also explains why we were created by evolution in an incompatible, opposite form. Only in this way can we retain an independent, “outsider” viewpoint which will still remain after we have already integrated in the system. As a result, from the ensuing contrast we can continue researching Nature with full awareness, instead of disappearing in it like candle in a huge flame.

Our evolutionary Human purpose is to become such independent, objective researchers, witnesses of Nature’s system, justifying its perfection and by that fully justifying our own existence.

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