Will current world pandemics cause that in the future word globalization is used in explicitly negative context?

Will, I think that the notion “globalization” has already been used in negative context, moreover we have seen protests, even riots against the concept.

But we need to differentiate between how we have been using globalization – exploiting global markets, financial ties for the benefit of a small minority at the expense of the majority – and what globalization means in relation to Nature’s evolution.

Since we exist in Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent started that evolves towards the full, seamless integration of the whole system, Humanity inevitably had to become integrated, behaving like a single “organism”, a mutually responsible, mutually complement network of unique, diverse individual parts.

Now at the moment due to our inherently selfish, egotistic, subjective and greedy nature we use the evolving interconnections in a “cancer-like” fashion, against each other and against Nature. This is the reason why we are stumbling from crisis to crisis and can’t find proper, coordinated solutions to any of our mounting global problems.

So there is nothing we can do about “globalization”, we can’t change Nature’s laws, it the plan of evolution. But we can consciously, proactively learn how to use globalization in a mutually responsible, mutually complementing, mutually beneficial way so we all gain from it, develop further with it.

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