Which virus needs urgent treatment, Covid-19, or the “Human virus

I think we all remember the famous scene from the movie “Matrix”, Agent Smith disclosing to Morpheus his revelation that Humans are actually a form of a virus destroying the planet and themselves as cancer!

Now when we are watching how our modern society is consuming everything around it, how in our reactions to the present virus outbreak we are ready consume, dispatch each other to survive, perhaps it is time – whole finding the cure for the Coronavirus – to also start diagnosing and treating the “Human virus”, our inherently selfish, egotistic, hateful and exploitative nature, which causes all the problems, destructions in Nature’s integral interdependent system.

We are not evil, we are not sinful for the nature we were born with! After all all we had no free choice about it.

But now, that we have recognized the desires, intentions, motivations that drive us, we finally have a free choice to acknowledge and accept the “flawed” software in us, and start searching for a suitable “upgrade” through an appropriate, purposeful and highly practical educational method!

Then while we treat Coronavirus we can also develop ourselves and Human society to a qualitatively much higher level of collective, mutually responsible, mutually complementing existence, where we could easily treat, moreover prevent all the problems, threats that would arise against us!

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