What lessons will the world learn from COVID-19

Let us hope that we will learn the following lessons, so we will be able to quickly solve this crisis and prevent all future threats, crisis situations.

  1. We live in an illusion on multiple counts. First of all, we believe – groundlessly – that we are in control, we rule over nature, that we can change, erase, replace whatever we see fit. But when Nature displays its force in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, weather phenomena, infections, change in climate, etc we suddenly start to panic, lose our confidence and grounding and display total, desperate helplessness. Even leaders, experts become like pundits, providing guesses, theories without any actual understanding and solutions.
  2. We also believe – groundlessly – that we are separate, individual beings that can think, make decisions, act as we like, independent of each other, against each other, against the Natural system we exist in. But just as Nature is a single, closed, fully integrated, interdependent system, Humanity – born from Nature, still evolving together with Nature – is also fully interconnected and interdependent. As a result of the virus outbreak, we are shutting down travel, a large part of production, borders. But this will crash the economy, financial institutions, entertainment, sport, everything that has become global. Even a short period of disconnection causes irreversible changes which we can’t even comprehend yet.
  3. At the moment – blindly, instinctively following our original, egocentric, subjective software, we are incompatible with nature’s fundamental laws governing the balance and homeostasis that is necessary for life and positive development. We are also incompatible with evolution’s direction which drives the whole Natural system towards full integration. All the problems we are encountering – including the Coronavirus outbreak – is due to this incompatibility.
  4. Whatever happens, however, this crisis pans out, we can’t return to life as it was before. We already received a warning in 2008 through the financial crisis and through other global events, but hopefully, this still evolving scenario will finally bring home the message that we have to change. We need to upgrade the way we approach each other and nature, how we build and sustain Human connections, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation. If we do not learn our lesson and implement what we have learned in practice through a purposeful, practical methodology facilitating Human integration, we weaken and finally lose our chances of long term, collective, Human survival – which we can safeguard only mutually together.

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