Systemic Instead Of Individual Calculations

Question: What are the implications of positing that what is “good/bad” is not valid at the level of individuals but instead must be assessed at the level of what is good/bad at the society or gene-line level?

Answer: This is an extremely important question our collective Human survival depends upon!

By default – fueled by our inherently individualistic, egocentric, subjective nature – all our “good/bad” calculations are “sweet/bitter? from our own, self-serving, self-justifying point of view.

And we can see where we are heading with it in our generation where our ego has reached its maximum intensity. We have become so fragmented, separated, hateful and narcissistic that even the fundamental building block of society – the classical family – has been ruined.

At the same time we have evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world where only unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation can solve problems and provide a safe path towards survival.

So how could we change our individualistic, egocentric, subjective “good/bad” calculations to a societal, systemic one? Where could we take the necessary template for it?

Fortunately we have such a template: Nature’s perfect system that surrounds us from outside and from within. After all even our biological body on the instinctive, “animate” level works based on a systemic “good/bad” calculation, where all the cells, organs and even the microbiome that lives with us selflessly, unconditionally serves the whole. Otherwise balance, homeostasis and thus health, optimal development and existence would not be possible.

And this is true to the natural environment of the planet as well as the whole interconnected system through the Universe.

Only the artificial, self-serving Human paradigm needs correction.

Thus we need to use a very special, already available, purposeful and practical educational method which can teach us how to rise above our inherently egocentric, subjective spheres, from our self-centered “sweet/bitter” calculations and start sensing, attaining and supporting the system on a collective level.

Then we will also understand that our original, egoistic, subjective viewpoint was not in vain. Perception, attainment comes from contrasts. Since our ego and its viewpoint cannot be suppressed or erased its picture will remain. Thus when we rise to the higher, qualitatively much improved consciousness, perception it will be verified, justified specifically against the original one.

This will provide us with a true, objective and independent Human viewpoint of reality which is the purpose of our life.

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