New Human Virtues

Question: What virtues would proliferate in the next evolution of humanity?

Answer: Your question is timely, as we are standing at the threshold of the next, last phase of Human evolution, which for the first time will be conscious, meaning we can take our development into our own hands. It also means that we have to determine the “virtues”, qualities we want to make as our primary ones during this process.

We do not actually have much free choice about those virtues, since this last phase of Human evolution is about facilitating our integration into Nature’s closed, fully integrated system by taking on ourselves Nature’s “virtues”.

And since those virtues are selfless, altruistic, unconditional service of the whole above any selfish, individual calculations, we need a unique educational method which can help us to acquire such virtues over and against our inherent attributes of egoism, selfishness and exploitation of others.

Our free choice relates to how we acquire these virtues. We can do this with the above mentioned educational method consciously, proactively, or we can wait until the increasing suffering, intolerable blows from Nature’s system and from our self-generated crisis will “help” us understand the need for change.

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