The Challenging Life Education

Question: How do I go through life without a challenge?

Answer: We would not be able to go through life without challenges, obstacles, we would remain in an inanimate or vegetative state (even that is not true as a stone resists Nature’s forces to keep its structure, while plants already face and overcome many, constant challenges in their life.)

Existence itself is a challenge, we exist in order to survive!

And this constant fight against the “elements” is most intense at the Human level of existence, even in the “normal”, instinctive state where we blindly execute our inherent, “egocentric pleasure/pain software” constantly chasing greater pleasures while escaping suffering through different obstacles. And the greater obstacles we overcome the greater the pleasure, satisfaction from our actions!

In the last phase of Human evolution – when Nature obligates us to rise above this instinctive software and develop a nature, paradigm that is completely opposite to our egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying inclination is the greatest possible challenge, since we are expected to build a completely selfless, altruistic nature by using our selfish, hateful egos!

What do we gain by this inner war, seemingly ruthless game of survival?!

We gain the total, perfect, objective attainment of Nature’s perfect system in the contrast, comparative research within the completely opposite states we go through, if we accept the challenge and use it purposefully, methodically.

This means going against our proudly individualistic nature building selfless, mutually supportive and mutually complementing cooperation above it, this generating a unique collective devices, collective intelligence that can comprehend Nature’s system on the merit of becoming similar to its fully integrated system.

Then life becomes a “cosmic education” and we graduate as the most complete empirical scientists who have attained and justified Nature’s perfect system and its evolutionary plan.

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