Consciously Sensing The Bliss Of The Mother’s Womb

Question: Is there a time in your life that you wish you could revisit, & stay there forever?

Answer: It might sound weird, but I would like to return to the “blissful” state of the mother’s womb but this time consciously.

Of course I don’t mean physically climbing back into a womb, I mean experiencing the utterly perfect love the baby experiences there.

After all there exists no more blissful state than all one’s desires, needs immediately, perfectly satisfied, without even needing to ask.

Consciously, unconsciously we all crave for this state of perfect happiness, contentment.

And we can actually, purposefully, methodically build an incubator – a unique, closed, mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human environment – where we can all come to sense the above mentioned perfection.

This incubator is built upon the principles of “mutual guarantee”, where people mutually pledge to serve, take care of one another altruistically.

And since we have to build the necessary selfless, unconditionally serving, loving, mutual interconnections above and against our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy egos, we can fully attain, justify and appreciate the acquired bliss in the dynamic, tense contrast.

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