Getting To Know Things – By Becoming Like Them

Question: How are things known?

Answer: True knowledge, the highest level of understanding is through “attainment” when the observer equalizes one’s inner qualities with the entity observed. It is like tuning a radio receiver to the right frequency thus receiving the broadcast.

Without such complete equality with the observed the observer remains on the level of theory, as all of our observations, sciences today as we all observe reality from within our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective cocoons. The world we “feel” around ourselves is an illusion painted, “guessed” by our own blind, introverted minds.

For true attainment we need to rise above ourselves and establish a completely selfless, objective viewpoint.

For Science To Move Forward, The Observer Has To Change |

Attainment Is The Highest Degree Of Understanding |

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