Building Connections – Above Ourselves

Question: What is a major problem in the world you wish could be solved?

Answer: As much as it sounds strange, there is only one thing, one major problem that needs resolving: our innate inability to form true, positive, selfless, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections in between people.

And without such connections – like without the connection in between cells, organs of the same body, in the lack of mutual circulation, communication – there is no true life, there is no chance for problem solving, survival.

But building connections is not as simple as it sounds as our inherently selfish, hateful and subjective ego – which is our primary building matter – resists it with all of its might. Moreover as thousands of years of failed attempts prove the ego is impossible to suppress or erase.

Thus we need a very unique, purposeful and practical educational method in the right “laboratory-like” environment, where we can learn how to rise above the ego and channel, harness it towards positive, constructive, common goals, purposes. Only in this way will we be able to interconnect and survive.

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