Being Alive

Question: What has made you consider what it truly means to be alive? Answer: Death. Seeing, experiencing death, losing people either in the family or through my medical work. Such a “frequent” encounter with death makes one contemplate about what it means to live or not to live. Many times one looks at a body … More Being Alive

Personal Universe

Question: Does the vastness of our seeable universe show us how special we are or how insignificant we are? Answer: In truth the Universe what the Universe shows us is ourselves reflected back to us, since reality is the projection of our own internal qualities on a “white”, perfect canvas. Thus we can’t have any … More Personal Universe

Human Lifestyle

Question: What is human lifestyle? Answer: “Human lifestyle” means being Human. And it is not easy being Human. By default we do not live, behave like Humans as we blindly follow our instinctive self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature both individually and collectively. This is why both our personal lives and Humanity’s history is full … More Human Lifestyle

Living Forever Through Others

Question: Would you rather have yourself or your loved ones live forever? Answer: The answer depends on our actual perception of reality. As long as we still instinctively live within our own, inherently egocentric, self-justifying, subjective cocoons, we calculate everything according to our own survival, personal benefit. So by default, honestly we would all choose … More Living Forever Through Others

Love Above All

Question: What comes first, health, wealth or love? Answer: Love – meaning “true love”. “True love” is very different from the “love” we define in our usual life. The usual “love” is also called “fish-love” – meaning “I love fish because it tastes good”. Thus the instinctive love we feel, we sing, write, dream about … More Love Above All


Question: What is life? What is life like to live for? Where is our life going to go? Answer: Life is sensing a constant desire for fulfillment, pleasures. If we don’t sense such a desire any longer we don’t exist. We think we live in a biological body that defines us. Today we are obsessed … More Life

Love Your Neighbor…

Question: What saying have you been butchering for years and just realized it? Answer: I have been butchering, Humanity has been butchering the saying “Love your neighbor as yourself” for a very long time. But it turns out that this principle is not some mystical, religious dogma, it is not a New Age slogan, or … More Love Your Neighbor…