Facilitating Life

Question: How far technologically are we from being able to create life from non-life?

Answer: That doesn’t depend on technology. And we can’t create something out of nothing, we are not the power source in Nature.

But we can channel life so we could understand what it is, what’s its purpose is.

In our default, individualistic, egocentric form we are like single cells that can consciously perceive only a very limited, subjective, distorted “monocellular” existence.

If we want to channel and thus understand life and its purpose we need to build a unique, “multi-cellular”, Human “super-organism”.

When the inherently cancer-like, selfish, individual Humans make true, mutually committed efforts to build unique, selfless, altruistic connections in between them, they can harness Nature’s singular evolutionary force that is ready to facilitate, assist anything that leads to greater integration, harmony in its system.

Then as a result we will feel this force, Nature’s “circle of life” circulating, streaming through our special interconnections, holding us together despite the recurring, relentless resistance of our egos.

This is how we can “create” life and study, measure, understand it against the useful resistance of our egos without which we couldn’t detect, verify this new, qualitatively much higher sense of existence.

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