At Least Do No Harm…

Question: Is religion there to save us from ourselves?

Answer: “True” or “original” religion is there to save us from ourselves, but that “true, original” religion does not equate with the religions we see, practice today.

Today’s religions have been stripped of their “inner content”, they are lacking the true intention that could save us from our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature. Instead organized religions have become servants of the Human ego, providing ruthless power, wealth, control and exploitation to those practicing, preaching them.

Religions as they are practiced today are simply part of the inherently egoistic Human system that is now breaking apart, sinking into an unsolvable global crisis that affects all levels, parts of Human activities.

In order to solve the problems, in order to safeguard Human survival we need to rediscover, and implement the “original religion”/ empirical natural science that facilitates Humanity’s adaptation, integration into Nature’s vast, cosmic system.

Basically all we need to do is following, implementing a single law, the law of “love others as yourself” after we pass through the preliminary degree of “do not do to others what you hate for yourself”. These principles replicate Nature’s fundamental law in human societies, for keeping balance and homeostasis, interconnecting the myriads of vastly different and seemingly incompatible parts, elements.

Only this “religion” can save us from ourselves, in other words elevate us above our inherent nature into an acquired second nature: altruistic, unconditional service and love of others.

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