Opinion Beyond Dogma

Question: Why does society expect you to have an opinion, but keep it to yourself?

Answer: In general (there might be smaller environments where people are capable of doing so) our modern Human society is incapable of discussing, digesting diverse, opposing opinions. Thus in the lack of any other choice the mainstream “dogma” is defensive, restrictive: we constantly try to stifle, suppress opinions that do not agree with the “accepted, politically correct dogma”.

Those who direct this dogma stubbornly and desperately try and hope that they can forcefully manufacture a new type of identity less, uniform Humanity, where everybody has the same opinion, culture, purpose, gender, nationality so we can avoid arguments, destructive debates, wars (and of course have a convenient single market with easy to manipulate brainwashed “zombies” to produce and sell products for, control)

Fortunately we are born proudly individualistic, 100% self-serving and self-justifying thus the ideology of our “modern” society goes against our nature and cannot be sustained. In order to prevent a violent, destructive rebound against this unnatural dogma – which already started gathering pace – we urgently need a new education, upbringing, that can teach Human beings how to exist, cooperate and peacefully survive above and despite the never disappearing personal, national identities, diversity, using this complex diversity to strengthen our connections, capabilities.

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