Right Or Wrong

Question: Do you believe there is a such thing as right or wrong in life, or that possibly there isn’t, and humans have just simply made that up themselves? If not, would that mean karma is real?

Answer: I believe there is such thing as “right vs wrong”. The question is how we assess, perceive it, from whose point of view we observe it.

We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature. We are incapable of sensing, feeling anything outside of an introverted, subjective, egoistic, individual sphere. “Right vs wrong” is evaluated solely from this personal point of view, right is what is right for me, while wrong is what is wrong for me.

From this subjective, self-serving assessment originates all the problems we observe in the world today, as billions of Humans try to force their own “right” onto others.

But we exist in a vast, cosmic Natural system that is based on absolute, “unbending, iron” laws. Those laws describe “right vs wrong” in absolute terms, setting “gold standards”. Our problem solving, our survival depends on changing our subjective, egoistic “right vs wrong” to Nature’s gold standard “right vs wrong”.

Which means we have to switch our introverted, egocentric, subjective perception to a selfless, transparent, objective one. For that we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method that can help us “rise above” ourselves, that can help us exit our closed, egocentric, subjective sphere so we can observe and research reality “as it is”.

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