Love For Love

Question: What would you never give up for love?

Answer: Love.

I would give up anything for love, including myself, I would/could give up everything I have, but I can’t give up love.

You see love is not a “one way street” it has to be mutual in order to work, to flow. Thus I cannot provide, pass on love to another unless I have it, and I can’t generate love myself as I have nothing. On my own I am simply an egoist who wants everything for oneself.

So love is something that circulates in between people who commit to provide unconditional love to one another with a single condition: that this true, absolute love is mutual.

Then love “appears”, it is born “out of thin air” within the connection of such self-annulled, fully committed people who want only one thing in life, to pass love onto one another.

With their mutual commitment, guarantee towards each other they ignite a “primordial” natural force none of them had in them before. Then this natural love, “circle of love” starts flowing in between them.

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