Truth Beneath The Surface

Question: At the base of human life, is it just opinions and stories, or is there any solid truth at all?

Answer: There is indeed solid truth beyond the illusory, subjective personal opinions, stories that make up our present “science”, paradigm.

But in order to arrive to attaining, observing that solid truth first we need to upgrade our consciousness, perception of reality. First we need to exit our inherently selfish, egoistic, introverted spheres, logic and viewpoint, in order to give birth to the selfless, transparent, objective observer that can access that truth.

And such fundamental self-change, upgrade can happen only in a very unique environment, using a purposeful, practical educational method, where each member of that environment commits to totally annul themselves towards one another. Then they become capable of observing, attaining reality through the desires, thoughts, viewpoints of each other.

The moment the selfish “I” disappears, the solid, absolute truth appears above the subjective restrictions of time, space and physical motion.

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