Facing The Truth

Question: What was the most intense fundamental truth you’ve had to come to terms with about yourself in life and how did it shape your future?

Answer: The most fundamental – and most unpleasant – truth I had to come to terms with about myself is that I am a 100% selfish, egoist, that is capable of loving oneself only, making all instinctive calculations for selfish benefit, most of the time at the expense of others.

This has shaped my life in a way that I am engaging in a constant “inner war”, trying to rise above the inherent, instinctive “operating software” in order to acquire an opposite ability: to become capable of selflessly, unconditionally serving, loving others.

I don’t want to achieve this for moral, mystical, religious or ideological reasons. I want to achieve this because I am now convinced that unless we can learn how to build mutually supportive, mutually complementing interconnections in between us above our inherent nature – called “Mutual Guarantee”, we will not be able to survive in a globally integrated and interdependent world

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