Eating Humble Pie

Question: Was there a time you had to do something that you had said before that you would never do?

Answer: Well, I think anybody who has been living in a marriage for a long time had to go through such “turnarounds”…

When we find ourselves in closed, mutually interdependent relationships, environments, most of the time our first reaction to anything others propose is that “I am not going to do this”, “I am not going to participate in this”.

This is all natural, it is an automatic reaction from our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature and subjective perception when others suggest something.

But due to the laws, principles of such interconnected and interdependent relationships, environments later it turns out that we simply have no choice.

In order to facilitate a mutual well-being, in order to safeguard the optimal state, progress of the whole collective – that our own well-being, optimal progress directly depends on – we have to subdue our own opinion and go along with the other, others suggest, dictate.

So we are all required to eat “humble pie” again and again in order to stay in track towards solving problems and survive…

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