How Can Warring Pirates Survive On The Same Boat?

Question: If I think I’m right and you think I’m wrong; and you think you’re right and I think you’re wrong – how do we determine the truth?

Answer: This is a beautiful question revealing our greatest problem in life while pointing towards the only solution.

Indeed we are all born with an inherently self-centered, self-justifying, subjective nature and perception. As a result we are incapable to see, comprehend the opinions, viewpoint. From our own viewpoint we are all right, we are justifiably convinced that we are right and the others are wrong.

We are like people arguing with each other from our own introverted bubbles, unable to understand one another, we do not even speak the “same language”.

So how can we still agree on something, find solutions to our mutual problems and survive?!

This is only possible if we all exit our selfish, egocentric, subjective cocoons, and “meet outside” in a common, “selfless”, objective overlapping area. How is this possible?

By finding a strong enough, common, mutual interest, which is important enough for all of us to accept that mutual ground above and even against our own self-justifying convictions. It is a bit similar to parents “sealing their marriage” by having children, finding a common ground, common interest to keep their otherwise “irrational” union “for life”.

Right now this common ground is our collective Human survival. After all by evolving into a single, closed, fully integrated and interdependent system we became like drunken, arrogant “pirates” that are used to kill, rob each other, finding that they can escape the coming storm, tsunami only on the same boat. And this boat is sinking fast.

Thus in order to escape the storm, oncoming tsunami these warring pirates – that can’t even speak each other’s language – need to learn fast how to work together, trust each other, repair the boat and keep it afloat.

This is the first step – Humanity’s collective survival – through a unique, “global, integral” educational, upbringing method. If we can pull this “mission almost impossible” off, we will receive an unprecedented taste from a “truly mutual” existence, we will gain experience in thinking, solving problems from a “collective mind, intelligence”.

Then we will suddenly understand that unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing existence is not “only” for survival. It is for a qualitatively higher level of Human existence, where we can enter states, dimension we could never even imagine alone, independently

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