Too Important To Give Up

Question: How do you know when to give up on something?

Answer: Everything comes down to the importance of the goal we want to reach. We will encounter problems, doubts in relation to anything serious we want to achieve. And alongside with this there will be new desires, new temptations arising pulling us towards their direction.

Our “personal computer” works on a simple, self-centered “pleasure/pain”, or “cost/benefit” calculation. It will automatically direct us towards what we instinctively feel the most important for our own, actual optimal state, and what we can achieve with the least amount of investment.

In short we give up on something when it becomes less important than something else, when investing into it does not make sense to our “egocentric cost/benefit” calculations.

The only way of “manipulating” this – to prevent us from giving up, unlocking hidden forces, abilities in us – is entering a purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment that can keep magnifying the importance of the goal we want to achieve, while giving us support and fuel to go on. This way we can rise above the simplistic, instinctive calculations and go beyond our inherent limits.

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