Telling The Inconvenient Truth

Question: What was the hardest truth you ever had to tell someone? Do you regret telling them?

Answer: In my profession I am forced to tell very unpleasant diagnosis to patients, when joint replacements become infected and have to be removed, or when someone has cancer. These are truth, news we are obliged to tell without regret, otherwise we can’t initiate, facilitate treatment.

It is even more difficult, unpleasant to try to explain to people that we are all born with an inherently selfish, hateful and greedy nature which in its essence is like cancer and is destroying us all.

But again this is a truth we all need to know, especially in our generation when we are seemingly inevitably sleepwalking into a global catastrophe due to this “inner cancer” consuming us.

Without knowing what ails us we could never search for and implement the appropriate remedy, the necessary, purposeful and practical educational method which can upgrade our inherent nature.

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