Blind Observers

Question: If you are religious, and you woke up tomorrow morning knowing that everything you believe was simply a myth and that there probably is no deity at all, what would you do next?

Answer: First of all I think it is very difficult to prove to a believer that what one believes in does not exist. After all a believer believes in the existence of something that cannot be proven. So how do we prove that a deity we have no proof about doesn’t actually exist?!

On the other if there is something people believe in without a clear proof of existence it does not necessarily mean that thing does not exist at all. Maybe it is the method of research, the viewpoint of the researchers that is wrong?

Accepted, modern, peer review sciences are “dying” to find a “theory of everything”, a single, all-encompassing way of explaining the existence and purpose of our Natural Universe. But they keep failing in this research.


Because we try to find and prove something absolute, something objective, true with our inherently self-centered, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective consciousness and perception, which is by default incapable of detecting and proving anything objective, absolute or truthful!

If we truly want to research and prove or disprove that a single source, single, predetermined,intelligent developmental plan for our existence exist, first we would need to change our own faculties, we would need to strive to establish a selfless, transparent and objective viewpoint, perception of reality.

Until then both the “believers” and the “non-believers” are following blind faith in their own, subjective viewpoints.

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