Finding Our Way Out Of The Bitter Radish

Question: What would be your response if your kid looks at you and tells you “Hey dad, you knew that life is mostly about suffering and despite that you created me, you are so selfish”?

Answer: I would tell him the following:

“Look, I fully agree with you that the way the world, life in this world looks, there seems to be more suffering than joy, we need to invest more painful efforts into everything in order to receive a small amount of benefit, profit from it.

I agree that the facts, growing depression, suicide, substance abuse statistics seems to prove all the above and I also agree that we live in the first generation that does not look forward to the future but fears it.

Still I tell you, moreover if you trust me and follow my advice I can prove it to you, that what we see today is an “illusion”, a “bad dream” due to our inherently self-centered, self-serving, egoistic and subjective consciousness, perception of reality. We are like a “worm living in a bitter radish”, thinking that this radish is the whole world.

We have the unique ability to change how we view the world, we can change our dark, introverted viewpoint to a transparent, selfless, clear and objective one. And from that viewpoint we will be able to research, attain and justify that in truth we live in the most perfect Natural reality where everybody can find infinite, perfect fulfillment, happiness.”

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