A “Good” Person

Question: What does a good person mean to you?

Answer: It depends on my viewpoint. If I judge the world and others according to my inherently self-serving, self-justifying vision, a “good person” is one who helps me satisfy my egocentric, introverted desires, give me what I want according to my selfish calculations. Then I even “love that person” with the usual “fish-love” – “I love fish as it tastes good”.

If I already started identifying myself with a new program, trying understand the true, overall “meaning of life”, finding and fulfilling my “truly Human” purpose in existence, then a “good person” becomes one who helps me closer to that meaning, purpose.

This person might not be “good” to my original, egoistic and subjective viewpoint, since this new program is against the ego, leading us towards a new, unprecedented, “truly” selfless, altruistic nature that allows us to integrate with others and thus integrate with Nature’s vast, cosmic system.

But from the viewpoint of the aspiring Human in me only this person – or environment full of “good persons” – can help me to become who I am destined to become. Then I love this “good person” with “true, unconditional love”.

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