How far from collapse is society as we know it based on our reaction to COVID-19?

I think the virus outbreak shows us a brutally honest mirror, that our proud, modern Human society is already collapsed.

In this age, with all our technology, amassed knowledge we were all found with it pants down.

There is absolutely no leadership, expertise, each government, leader acts accusing to their gut instincts.

Even in Europe where nations are supposed to cooperate, work together, there is no coordination, cooperation, they all closed borders, “closed shops”, each for their own. And even now the only concern in the mind if the leaders is to provide “stimulus packages” for their suffering businesses and banks.

The only positive result so far is the – at least temporary – collapse of the harmful, unnatural, excessive overproduction/overconsumption machinery.

If we can act wisely, the virus can teach us a positive lesson, showing us our inevitable global interdependence, the absolute survival necessity of mutual responsibility. Hopefully we will also see very soon that we can actually survive very well, much better without “shop till drop” and “retail therapy”, of we measure out health, “wealth” by the restored, mutual, positive Human interconnections between us.

So the virus outbreak provides an opportunity to reevaluate our lives and think about if we want to resuscitate our already collapsed, obsolete system, or we want to build a completely new Human society on very different, truly Human foundations, values?!

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