Mutual Guarantee Instead Of “Isms”

Question: Is it a myth that socialism cannot work because of human nature?

Answer: None of our present “isms”, ideologies can work due to Human nature.

By inherent nature – due to our egocentric, subjective, self-serving programming – we are all “raw capitalists”, trying to obtain, consume everything excessively only for ourselves, succeeding at the expense of others. This is why everybody who promotes communism, socialism also becomes a capitalist as soon as they get into power, twisting, distorting, corrupting the system sooner or later.

At the same time we exist in a Natural system that is completely “communistic”, where all elements – like in our own biological body – selflessly, altruistically interconnect, unconditionally, mutually serving the well-being of the whole.

Since we ourselves also exist within Nature, and already evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent system, we would also need to adapt Nature’s paradigm instead of our own unnatural, self-destructive one that is operated by the ego.

But we already tried communism, capitalism, socialism and all possible permutations of them, and we failed with all! We also know that the Human ego cannot be suppressed or erased and any such attempt only draws an even stronger rebound reaction!

Thus the time has come to learn a completely new type of social, economic arrangement, where we still use our egoistic nature, we still work for ever increasing profit, but we do so in the framework of “mutual guarantee”, where each person works for, makes profit for others, while trust the others 100% for its own well-being, profit, prosperity.

This system – implemented through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method without coercion, through positive motivation and immediate positive reinforcement – works, because it recruits the “approval” and “assistance” of Nature’s system, since Nature’s developing forces support any development that facilitates increasing integration, mutually complementing connections as this is the purpose of evolution.

Thus “mutual guarantee” and the above mentioned method is based solely on Nature’s most fundamental laws and not on any arbitrary Human ideology, invention.

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