Educating Human Children

Question: Does it make sense to have children in a world that seems to run towards an abyss?

Answer: I fully agree with you. It seems we are helplessly sleepwalking towards a “mutually assured self-destruction” which can be triggered from multiple reasons in multiple locations.

In this situation it seems absolutely cruel to bring children to this world in our generation when it’s not enough that we don’t look forward to the future but we fear it.

Still I have hope.

After studying a special scientific method that can explain the fundamental laws of our Natural systems, how we are incompatible with it with our inherently egoistic, selfish, subjective nature and how we could consciously achieve compatibility by methodically changing ourselves, I know that we had to reach this low point in history.

Only by recognizing that through the ego we can’t survive but consume everything, including ourselves like cancer can we accept the need to change ourselves and acquire a second, altruistic nature that can override our original self-serving software.

We can then offer our children a future that is unprecedented, qualitatively much higher than we ever had in Human history. All we need is the right, global, integral upbringing, education that can teach them how to exist as a single, united Human “super-organism”, by rising above, harnessing the instinctive, all-powerful Human ego.

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