Will humanity learn something from the Covid-19 outbreak? Will we as humans take this crisis as an opportunity to change or will everything be the same when this is over?

This is really the big question!

Will we use our unique Human mind capable of critical self-assessment and this initiate necessary self-changes?

Or we get scared, unite, work together – eventually – as an animalistic survival reflex, and then when the crisis is over we blindly return to the same life, same state we were before the crisis?!

We have received reminders, scares before, like with the 2008 financial crisis, it with the climate change for example threatening more and more areas each year, with the worsening geopolitical hotspots, oil price wars, political dreadlocks, faltering European Union, etc…

Now the virus again shows us that while we evolved into a globally integrated world where we all depend on each other, where we are all responsible for one another, we can’t act blindly, following our inherently selfish, egotistic, exploitative instincts.

Most people already feel that as a result of the unprecedented restrictions, separations the economy, financial systems, political leadership and our societies will receive a blow unseen since the Second World War or even worse, as more there will be no countries that are relatively unaffected but we will all be “levelled” to zero.

So will we learn the lesson or we stubbornly try to resuscitate a “dead horse” which was already dying before covid-19?

Can we imagine and implement a different kind of Human society, that focuses on true, positive, “Humane” Human connections instead of measuring everything according to accumulating material possessions, wealth?!

Can we find the right, purposeful, practical method allows us to build a new Human society above, against our inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective nature that drives all of us?!

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