I believe that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has the potential to be the worse pandemic the world has ever seen by far. Does anyone agree with me?

At this stage we don’t know. So far the numbers don’t support your claim, although there is no guarantee that with a mutation the virus doesn’t turn to be as deadly as the Spanish flue.

But in terms of its general effect, we can already assume that this pandemic will cause unprecedented changes in Humanity both on the physical, ground level and also in our consciousness.

On the physical, ground level the ensuing economic, financial, political and social crisis will wipe out our present system, which was already in the verge of collapse before the pandemic started.

Industry, trade which is built on exploitative, exclusive competition, brainwashing people into excessive, harmful overconsumption – a modern form of slavery – has no right to exist in Nature’s system that is based on “iron laws” sustaining fragile balance and homeostasis, without which life is impossible.

And now that people received an unexpected holiday from this slavery, and they start to sense a very different life, where Human connections – physical or virtual doesn’t matter – become the main part of life, it is very unlikely that they would want to return to the same slavery even if the inhumane machinery can be restarted.

The shrewd, lieful Anglo-Saxon “parliamentary democracy” – that is based on self-serving, anti-Democratic parties, lobbies, “divide and conquer” ideology – will collapse together with its economy, which also already started before the virus. Hopefully we will see a swift return to decision making bodies with independent, direct representation, with candidates that will become public servants in the full meaning of the notion.

The media, entertainment industry that literally supported this political-economic system will finally disappear to the great relief of most, giving place for the return of true, free culture, free art, based on Humans ideas, emotions, original traditions, national uniqueness, instead of the generalized, dumbed consumerism, propaganda.

We will rediscover what it means to be Human, how Humanity fits into Nature’s integral, independent system, how we can align ourselves with evolution’s plan driving the whole system towards most optimal integration – by finding that most optimal integration among ourselves.

And for that we need an unprecedented, groundbreaking upbringing, education so we could go through the fundamental changes, “self-upgrade” with positive motivation, without coercion, attracting people through their free choice, willingly.

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