Rebuilding Society Through The Right Education

Question: How do you think we can reinstate humanity back in society?

Answer: Through the right education, “positive propaganda”.

We are unable to build a proper society – which in our days needs to be a global one – because our inherently selfish, egoistic, distrusting and subjective nature prevents us from building true, positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, that would serve as the foundation for a safe, peaceful, prosperous Human society.

This is why we need a special, purposeful, “global and integral” education which can teach us how to build the above mentioned, crucial connections above our vast diversity and despite the instinctive mutual distrust, animosity which cannot be suppressed or erased.

The future society will always exist with this duality – our egoistic nature trying to separate us while through the right method that takes examples and assistance from Nature we maintain connections above the ego. This tension, contrast will give us full consciousness and attainment of the perfect Natural system we can integrate into through integrating with one another.

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