No Existence Without “True Love”

Question: How can humans live without love?

Answer: No, we can’t live, survive without love as love provides life. But we need to learn what this “true love” is with gives and sustains life and safeguards our survival.

We need to take example from Nature’s perfect, fully integrated system to see how for example the cells, organs of our body live in total self-annulment towards the whole body, and make calculations only for the well-being, balance and homeostasis of the whole system above any individual calculations. If this modus operandi changes sickness, even cancer happens.

At the moment we act like cancer in Humanity’s integrated and interdependent system as we all make calculations only for ourselves, for selfish pleasures, profit, succeeding, growing at the expense of others, at the expense of the Natural system.

The “love” we keep dreaming, singing, talking, writing poems about is an absolutely selfish love, we “love” as long as it gives us fulfillment, pleasures. When we do not benefit from “love” we cannot love anymore and we move on.

“True love” is selfless, unconditional service fulfillment of the desires of others as if we ourselves did not even exist, but we dissolve into the desires, needs of the “beloved” and fulfill all according to the viewpoint of the “beloved” without any selfish, egocentric calculations, distortions.

This “true love” is expressed in the symbolic, poetic principle of “love your neighbor as yourself” which Humanity has been tiptoeing around but we never actually implemented it. Now in order to survive in a fully integrated and interdependent world we have no other choice but to put this principle into practical implementation, following Nature’s law maintaining balance and homeostasis life depends on.

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