How To Fit The Capitalistic Human Into Communistic Nature

In a simplified manner the problem is the following:

We exist in a “communistic” Natural system, where there is only absolutely altruistic, “selfless” interconnection in between all elements, that are unconditionally serving each other and the system in order to maintain balance and homeostasis, without which life and optimal development is impossible.

It is true that there are seemingly – according to our distorted, subjective vision based on our egocentric perception – greater and smaller parts, seemingly more and less important parts, but in truth in an integral “communistic” system each part is equally important and irreplaceable.

On the other hand our inherent Human nature is capitalistic, egocentric and subjective. We inherently, ruthlessly and exclusively compete for resources and survival and succeed at the expense of one another to such an extent, that the fall, loss of another is more important than my own advancement, profit. As a saying goes, “I am happy to poke one of my eyes out if my enemy loses both”. This Human nature is not evil, or sinful as we were born like this.

So we have a seemingly unsolvable paradox. We are born capitalists, but in order to integrate into Nature’s system and survive – instead of self-destructing as cancer like we are doing now – we would need to adapt ourselves to Nature’s communistic system.

So far this adaptation was attempted forcefully, through coercion and thus it failed each time.

Thus we need a unique method which can actually use our capitalist nature – without suppressing, erasing it – to build a Human society which can find similarity and thus integration with Nature’s system.

This can happen only through a unique purposeful and practical education, which can teach us to work for infinite profit, fulfillment like in free market capitalism but not for our own sake, but for the sake of others.

If it unfolds in a society which is based on absolute mutual trust, mutual commitment, then everybody will receive everything they ever need, while contributing to society with 100% effort and ability, thus also fulfilling their self-esteem, self-importance as well.

This system is called “mutual guarantee” based on nature’s fundamental laws, which can fuse our capitalistic nature and Nature’s communistic principles, conditions together perfectly.

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