Unprecedented Social Changes

Question: What are social changes?

Answer: Society is a collection of individuals who (mostly) willingly submit themselves to that society. The shape, form of society is determined by the quantity and quality of the interconnections in between the individuals of the given society.

Social change means that the individuals in the society decide to change the quantity and quality of their interconnections, base it on different platforms, ideologies, in order to move from a present not ideal, probably intolerable state to a better, more ideal state.

Today we are standing ahead such inevitable, crucial social changes, but the new form, quality of the interconnections we need to achieve between us is unprecedented.

So far each change, each new ideology, civilization was built on our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature. Now, in order to solve problems and survive in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system – which also forced us into a global, integral world – we need to switch to connections that are based on selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation.

And since for this we need to rise above, upgrade our inherent nature, we need a unique, purposeful, and very practical educational method.

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