Question: Is humanity just sinking deeper and deeper into materialism?

Answer: On one hand yes, we are sinking ever deeper into the quicksand of materialism, blindly, instinctively following our insatiable, self-serving, greedy egos.

On the other hand since this behaviour makes us like cancer in Nature’s fully integrated, closed, interdependent system there is a sad end to this “sinking”: self-destruction in the form of a seemingly inevitable global meltdown which started to materialize in our generation.

We can now pinpoint multiple possible causes (economic, financial crisis, large scale, world wars from the many unsolved geopolitical conflicts, climate change causing environmental catastrophes, plagues due to antibiotics resistance and scepticism about vaccination, social breakdown, riots, revolutions our terror states due inequality, unemployment, aimless societies…) which could trigger such a meltdown any moment, from multiple locations.

The only way to stop this “sinking” is addressing the root cause, correcting, harnessing, upgrading our inherently selfish, hateful, greedy but irrepressible egos through the right, purposeful, practical education.

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