Acquiring Systematic Awareness

Question: Is humanity a super organism?

Answer: Yes it is, and our unique, Human purpose in life is to become fully aware of this.

We are born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, proudly individualistic ego. As a result – despite existing in Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system – we feel ourselves separated, like cells of a body that sense themselves disconnected from the body.

This confused, distorted perception is causing our problems, all the devastating failures Humanity has been going through history, which mistakes, tragedies we are also repeating in our generation.

Due to this distortion of reality we ruthlessly, exclusively fight, compete against one another, succeed at the expense of each other, and thus we become like cancer destroying everything, including ourselves.

So we urgently need a unique “global, integral” educational method which can restore our proper, integral perception, sensing ourselves again as part of this very special, Human super-organism”, perceiving reality on a qualitatively much higher, system level, like a single cell suddenly acquiring the consciousness, perception of the whole person.

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