Saving The World By Changing Ourselves

Question: How can we save the world before it gets too late?

Answer: We can’t save the world before we fully understand what’s wrong with it.

And finally it seems that we started to understand that there is nothing that could be achieved with political, economic, social or military means, since the root problem for the progressing, all-encompassing global crisis is our own, inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective nature.

It is this inherent Human nature that drives us towards ruthless, exclusive competition for resources, survival, to profit, succeed at the expense of others, excessively accumulate everything for ourselves even if we do not need it.

Without correcting, upgrading our inherent nature through the right, purposeful and highly practical education we will continue to make everything worse with every “solution”, until we fully self-destruct.

Thus before it is too late we need to reveal and use the above mentioned educational method and change ourselves. Only by changing ourselves can we change the world.

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