Unsatisfying Avengers

Question: Were you satisfied after you saw Avengers: Endgame? Answer: Not at all. Besides the usual “Hollywood mistakes” of making everything too drawn out, over the top, syrupy , using the worst, emotion and thought-less cliches in the “peak moments”, trying to impress by putting everybody possible on the same screen at the same time … More Unsatisfying Avengers


“Lion” The Movie The recently released, beautiful and deeply emotional movie, “Lion” describes the heart breaking, true story of a five year old Indian boy. Accidentally he gets trapped on a train while searching for night work with his brother, and when he finally gets off the train he finds himself in Calcutta, 1600 kilometers … More Roots

Benevolent Assassins

Genetic Memory The plot of the just released movie, “Assassin’s Creed” is based on the protagonist accessing long forgotten memories, “software” deposited by ancient ancestors hidden in his DNA. By reviving that memory, reawakening the dormant software he regains capabilities he didn’t know he ever had, transforming himself completely. The new capabilities revived from the … More Benevolent Assassins


The movie “Arrival” The recently released movie “Arrival” is widely hailed as one of the most intelligent, most emotional science fiction movies of all time. Storyline summary from Wikipedia: The film begins with a sequence of a female linguist, Louise with her daughter, who dies during childhood from a rare type of cancer. Then twelve … More “Arrival”