Best OpSec Practice: Building A World Where It Becomes Unnecessary!

Question: What are the best OpSec practices to live by? Answer: Until I saw the question I had no idea what OpSec was, and probably even after reading about it I still do not have a clue. What I gather is that it is an another defensive measure in a world that is built on … More Best OpSec Practice: Building A World Where It Becomes Unnecessary!

Life Saving Quote

Question: What single quote or saying would you like to share with us? Answer: Hence, I shall remind you of the power of love of friends, especially at this time, as upon this depends our right to exist, and by that is our near success measured. So put away all your imaginary dealings and let … More Life Saving Quote

Making The World A Better Place

Question: What’s something anyone can do to make the world better? Answer: Anybody can – following the right, purposeful, practical educational method in the appropriate environment – build positive, mutually supportive, mutually complementing connections with others. Only with the help of such interconnections can we solve problems and survive in a fully integrated and interdependent … More Making The World A Better Place

5 Steps To Build Connections That Lead To Happiness

Question: What five tiny things make you extremely happy? Answer: Since “true happiness” is a unique, mutual emotional impression that is born in purposefully built, positive, selfless, mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human connections, those five things relate to building such connections: I find a special, purposeful, closed environment where I can practice building mutual … More 5 Steps To Build Connections That Lead To Happiness

The Difficulty In Building Relationships

Question: I am satisfied in everything except relationships. How could that be? Answer: Building the right connections, relationship to others is the most difficult thing in the world. We are all born with an inherently self-centered, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature. With the help of this nature – if we are strong, skillful enough – … More The Difficulty In Building Relationships

Happily Paying Extra For Friendship

Question: What is something that you would gladly overpay for? Answer: It depends on importance. Anybody would “overpay” for something that is the most important thing in one’s life. And since we receive values, importance, goals from the environment we exist in, what we would overpay for also depends on the environment. Whatever is “in … More Happily Paying Extra For Friendship

The Jewish Method

Question: How does Judaism impact our modern society? Answer: Judaism has been having an enormous impact on Humanity, influencing all levels of Human activity in religion, spirituality, culture, technology, morality, medical sciences, social ideology, etc. But the most important,practical influence is still to come. As the global world is sinking into a deepening, seemingly unsolvable … More The Jewish Method

Feeling Alive

Question: When was the last time you felt truly alive? Answer: Any occasion when I managed to dissolve, immerse in the collective circle of others, when through mutual activities I managed to forget about myself and become capable of sensing the desires, needs, viewpoints of others. This is when we can feel what true life, … More Feeling Alive

Happiness Of Others Melting My Heart…

Question: Is, “Seeing happiness in their eyes really melt my heart”, correct? Answer: The other answers already answered your query from grammatical point of view. From emotional point of view the expression, statement is true, correct, although for truly feeling this way one has to go through a fundamental self-transformation. We are born with an … More Happiness Of Others Melting My Heart…