Opening Up Through Mutual Trust

Question: If people knew the real you — your weaknesses and failings, your strengths and successes — how much would their opinions of you change? What would surprise them the most?

Answer: It depends on the circumstances, on the environment it happens in.

In the usual society nobody dares to open up to others, nobody dares to show their weaknesses as the others would immediately exploit them.

Moreover in our default state – controlled by an inherently self-serving, self-protective, self-justifying, subjective nature – even we ourselves don’t know our own weaknesses, strengths.

Only in a unique, purposeful environment – that is built for exploring our own nature in order to upgrade, perfect ourselves to a “truly Human” level – can we gradually open up.

Then we can all mutually correct our faults, weaknesses, while using, magnifying our strengths, talents in order to reach a common goal, purpose they mutually supportive, mutually complementing cooperation.

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