The Ugliness Of The Ego

Question: What is the ugliest element in our society today, and how can we change it?

Answer: Whatever we see in the world, in society are simply the symptoms of the disease we are all suffering from.

And the disease, the cancer the consumes and threatens to kill us is our own inherently selfish, hateful and greedy ego, which drives all of us towards ruthless, exclusive competition for resources and survival, drives to excessive consumption and success at the expense of others, prevents us from building lasting, meaningful connections with each other.

Without addressing, correcting, harnessing this ego nothing can help us, no political, economic, social or military solutions exist as we can clearly see in the world today.

Instead we need a special, purposeful and highly practical educational method which can teach us how to “ride”, harness the all-powerful ego, so we can channel its power towards positive, constructive goals, purpose through a methodically built mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation, interconnection.

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