The Puppet Becoming The Puppet Master

Question: What are some human behaviors that seem to be caused by nature?

Answer: This is an “easy” question to answer. Since we are created by Nature’s evolution, since our complete “operating software” comes from evolution, all our behavior, anything we think, desire, act comes from Nature.

Our unique Human task is to recognize Nature’s evolutionary plan, its force acting through us, animating us like puppets. Then we need to recognize that the initial, egoistic, self-serving software we received is “faulty”, self-destructive, so we need to “force evolution’s hand” through a unique educational method so we could receive a crucially necessary upgrade, which will enable us to neutralize, harness our ego.

This act of recognition and conscious need, desire for self-change is our only true Human free choice, act.

Then when the requested, wanted change unfolds we will start to feel how with the help of the ego-balancing upgrade we will interconnect, build an unprecedented, global Human unity and as a result we integrate into Nature’s perfect system.

All through this process our unique Human observer develops, gains a special insight into evolution’s plan, how its life giving force operates until the end we become “educated” enough to feel as if we ourselves designed and operated the whole system.

The “Human puppet” merits to be partner with the “Natural puppet master”.

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