In Need Of A Software Upgrade

Question: What is the root cause of all problems in life?

Answer: It is the seemingly unfinished, raw, beta software Nature’s evolution installed us with. While Nature in general is built on an altruistic, mutual, unconditionally serving, mutually complementing connection between all of its part – which ensures the crucially necessary balance, homeostasis – Human beings are inherently selfish, egoistic, serving only themselves at the expense of everything and anybody else.

It is this egoistic operating software in us that is the root of all other problems. This why no political, economic, social or military solution exists for our growing problems.

Instead we need to change, upgrade that “raw, beta software” we received from evolution. Through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method we can apply a special, altruistic upgrade, by studying and copying Nature’s “software patch” on us, balancing, harnessing, channeling the awesome power of the ego with Natural, unconditionally, mutually serving intentions, attitude towards one another.

We can thus become “truly Human” by rising above instincts, taking Human development consciously into our own hands, forcing evolution to develop us on our own terms.

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